Free Downloaded Theme Can't be Installed

I have downloaded your all Themes (free version) just today. But it said it is already expired when I installed it on WP Dashboard.

I have reached the Done Theme authour, they said it is Themeforest’s issue!

Is it the activation code problem? If it is, please email me the activation code. If it is not, how to fix it?

Can anyone help? Thx.


What theme did you download? What is the link you got it from?

I just clicked the link in the email sent from which said there are 3 theme that are free. However when I download all those 3 themes, the dashboard said they are expired.

I therefore sent an email to one of the theme authors (Dona), which replied it is Themeforest’s issue, and they cannot do anything for it.

Have you tried installing it via ftp or hosting file manager?

Expired link errors are usually related to hosting rather than anything else.

If you have been able to download the theme files then the issue is not at envato’s end.

How can I fix this? As I am a newbie in hosting and FTP. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can ask envato if you want to check the issue is not at their end (99% sure it’s not) Envato Market Help and Support

You can hire someone to install the various themes via

Just for reference, if you are starting out in WP - free files do not come with the support or updates that full purchases do, so you are likely to need freelance help at some point to manage and maintain the site.

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