The link you followed has expired.

Hi, i need help., i don’t know why i can not install themes (The link you followed has expired.

Please try again.)

Hi bigli100!

This error typically occurs when the file you’re uploading to WordPress is larger than the maximum file size allowed by your web server. You have three options - click the links for more details:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Use the Envato Market plugin work , but i want install full theme with all file and documentation …

Sorry for the delayed response. You can only install the theme itself into WordPress. To view the documentation or other files that come with the theme, select “All files & documentation” from your downloads page and extract it onto your computer.

All files & documentation” from your downloads page and extract it onto your computer and what is next step? i try add in wp but not work

You can open the documentation files on your computer by double clicking them. They cannot be uploaded into WordPress. If there are any other files that can be uploaded into the theme itself, then the documentation will cover how to use them.

but don’t work, i try upload other file in theme but nothing happens

In LIVE VERSION you can see all is perfect but after instal theme in my domain that look like my web: schnell abnehmen ohne sport

I’d upgrade my web server to the max and still says the link its expired,

Please need to solve this asap.

Did you solve the link problem? I have the same problem and there seems to be no one who could answer this question why the link doesn´t work. Do I have to buy the new version of that theme to get it working, or what is the reason for that.

@Ericus55 this error is not caused by the theme, it is a problem with your web server. Contact your web hosting company for support.

I think it is not the web server, I have uploaded a lot of templates and there were few I could not upload. Php max 65 Mb and the templates were only 25 Mbs, still something was not right. I used an ftp software to upload the rest and problem solved.