themeforest-14740561 will NOT install

Just purchased and the theme will not upload. I keep getting link you are following no longer exist. I don’t have issues with other themes being uploaded.


This error typically occurs when the file you’re uploading to WordPress is larger than the maximum file size allowed by your web server. You have three options - click the links for more details:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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I’m having the same trouble with themeforest-17097658.
I just raised the file size limits in the php.ini … four times. From 8mb to 16. Then again to 32. Then again to 64. Then to 256.
How big does the limit need to be?

How big is the file you’re uploading? The limits should be larger than the size of the file.

If it’s taking a while to load before it says the link expired, you could also try raising max_execution_time to something like 300.

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The file is 15.2mb. I increased the size limit to 256 and the execution time to 300.
It still says, “The link you followed has expired. Please try again.”

Hmmm… What’s your memory limit set to?

The file that is 15.2mb is zipped. But even after uncompressing it, it certainly can’t be more than 256mb, right?

Alright, that’s fine. And how about your PHP version? If it’s below 5.6 then you will want to upgrade.

Otherwise, there’s something unusual happening here. Either the server isn’t honoring php.ini settings, or you’ve encountered some new WordPress bug. It’s possible, although unlikely, that a plugin could be causing it as well.

I would highly recommend uploading the theme over FTP to avoid this issue altogether. If the error continues, your host should be able to diagnose it for you. Since you bought quite a popular theme, it’s likely a server-side issue and not one with the theme itself.

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The PHP version is 5.6
Are there instructions in how to upload over FTP? I’ve never done that.

Sure, I can find you a guide. What web hosting company are you using?


Here’s an official guide from GoDaddy –

If you have been provided with a cPanel, you can also do the following steps which will be easier:

  1. Log into cPanel and choose “File Manager”
  2. Navigate to public_html -> wp-content -> themes.
  3. Upload the theme’s zip file into that directory.
  4. Click on the file and choose “extract”. Leave all options on default and click OK.
  5. Delete the zip file from the directory.

Then simply visit the themes page of your WordPress admin and activate the theme.

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I did exactly what you said using the cPanel, but I don’t see the theme listed in WP.
The files show up in the cPanel File Manager, but how do I access that theme in WP?

Please go back to the file manager:

  1. Confirm there is a new directory named after your theme inside wp-content/themes?

  2. If you open that theme directory confirm there is a file called style.css?

There is no new theme in that directory.
I did the entire process again and still nothing.
By the way, once I choose “extract” on the zip file, there is no other choices. So, I’m assuming that “Leave all options on default and click OK” is automatic.

I just tried the more cumbersome GoDaddy method and it seems to be working.
Thanks for your help!