Installing Theme on

I just purchased a theme from ThemeForest but am unable to upload it to
It says the link has expired.
Any tips?

Hi @ohermosillo!

This error typically occurs when the file you’re uploading to WordPress is larger than the maximum file size allowed by your web server. You have three options - click the links for more details:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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I contacted my web host to help me but there were needing more information. In order to make the proper changes in php.ini, they need to know the server requirements to make the theme work.

We were able to install it but it never loaded when trying to “live preview” it.


Blue host changed the PHP from 256M to 1024M.
It gets installed successfully but when trying to “live preview” it so I can customize it, nothing appears.
I didn’t activate it (because I’m currently using another theme and domaine so do not want my website to stop working while working on the new one with this theme).
What is the issue? If we can’t figure this out, I expect a refund. This is ridiculous that I can’t even get it working.

When you say “nothing appears” do you mean a blank screen?

Is the theme visible in your WP admin (appearance > themes)

Is the php version up to date?

You can try asking the author but it sounds more like a hosting issue than the theme.

I’ll show you the screen that appears on my current theme and I’ll show the screen that appears when I’m previewing “Makr”.
Yes, the theme shows up in my WP admin. It’s installed but it won’t allow me to customize it or use it.
While chatting with my hosting site, they said it’s an issue with the author. Plus, I thought I was communicating with the author here… They said to increase the PHP size which I did.

Are you sure you have activated the theme? Button top left looks like it may not have been activated yet?

This is a link to the authors support info

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Yes, you’re right. It’s not activated. I was told that if I activate it, then my other theme/domain will be switched over to the new one that I just installed (but I obviously don’t want to do this until I have the new one all set up and ready to go). Is this true?

Do you mean you wave a website that is using WordPress on a different theme? That is the only domain that you have and where you want to use the new theme.

Yes if you activate the theme then the website where you have it installed will then adopt that new theme.

If you need to modify the new theme before activating it on the existing site then you would need to set it up locally or on another environment such as a sub-domain where you can make any edits you want to do before migrating it to the primary domain.

That is going to be exactly the same with any WordPress theme from anywhere and definitely not anything to do with that specific theme you have bought.

Hey Charlie,

Thanks for trying to help me through this.
I have an active site ( using a different theme on I bought and installed Makr onto and I also bought a new domain ( that is not active yet.
My goal is to use the Makr theme for the new domain. If I activate the theme, then will take on that theme? If so, how do I set it up locally or on another environment? Haven’t heard of that.

While @baileyherbert is vastly more knowledgeable than me in this area, depending on your hosting, you should be able to install two WP setups so that each domain uses their own database etc. This was you can do what you want on each without messing the other one up

Maybe check with whoever manages your hosting. Are you sure it’s .org and .com you have the sites with? I didn’t know .org did hosting?

I use BlueHost for both domains :slight_smile:

Unless you are on their ‘basic’ package (1 website) then you will be able to create separate installations and run them independently

Okay, I figured that part out.

Now I’m having trouble customizing. The site says there are 20 pre-built layouts but I’m not seeing where I can see those/customize those.

Is it supposed to look like this? I have no idea how I’m supposed to edit/customize this…

It looks like from the image you have to have different home and posts page set (which currently you don’t)

You need to choose which page you want for each location and assign them using the drop-down on the left

Do you see all of the random text? It looks like coding. Can I get rid of that or am I going to mess up something? Makr made it seem like it would look exactly like the template that I chose and downloaded but it’s far from it… seems very difficult to make it look like it does in the demo version.

All it is because you have not installed the visual composer plugin - activate that and the page will look as the demo (potentially without the images).

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Got it. I installed it and it was causing issues with the site so I had to contact BlueHost. They said the hgr_vc_extender plugin is breaking the website. They unactivated it and told me to contact the plugin vendor to see how to resolve it… Any ideas?