Income Question

My item (AE template) is available on Elements for about two weeks. It’s on the first page of the Infographics category when sort by popular. This category is quite in demand in the Marketplace. So I guess, my downloads are not that bad. But my income for all that time is just around $1, which is pretty demotivating. As I understood, there can be some delay in calculations. This is it? In my case, is there any hope of finding a more reasonable amount of money after the final monthly calculations? Or such low numbers is a common case here?

One month the item can bring 1$ some other months it can bring 20$, there is no real rules to how much you will really earn, what is different to videohive is that you see results a lil bit later for any given item, so the “true amount” that the item will bring can be seen few months in as you will have more chance of someone ending their subscription and therefor you receiving a portion of it(as you are only getting payed from people that downloaded the item and had their subscription end at which point calculations are made in terms of what that subscriber downloaded and the money from his subscription are divided accordingly among authors that had their items downloaded by that person).
You can earn up to a 100$+ on elements on a Video Template or you can earn 0.05$ and it all depends on the item itself. Hope this helps you.

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I think I got it, thanks.

No problem, Cheers.

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Don’t lose hope you will earn many more. This is your start and most of the time beginning is slow but the results you get will astound you.


Don’t be too concerned just yet, it’ll be the January report before you get a proper reflection of total earnings for items uploaded in December, and the full report won’t be available until the end of February.

I would recommend creating more templates though. I think it’s 3 templates every 90 days to make you eligible for the bonus scheme, which can add up to 40% to your earnings… not to mention the extra earnings from the additional templates themselves.

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What I can recommend is just creating and uploading without paying real attention to the earnings at beginning, do that for a bit of time and it will be well worth it.

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