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In My WordPress Theme Which pictures i can use in theme bundle i dont want to use placeholder i want to give same pictures like the demo to the customers.

You can’t really. Maybe if they are your own pictures (not just ones you bought somewhere) then you might get away with it but generally, recently the reviewers almost certainly will reject any theme that doesn’t just use placeholders in the download.

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But i see some new themes which are used Images from some website i am also see the same images on some websites like- pexels, freepik and unsplash.
How They Used this images

In the demo is fine from sites like those or even other stock sites (assuming the right license is in place) - it is the download version you submit which can’t include them

It means its necessary to use placeholder in download .
And also it is necessary to place a line in theme description like - Images are not include in downloads?


The demo you submit can include (free or licensed) images

You should put a disclaimer in the description that they are not included but you can share links here to where they are from.

In the download version of the theme, take all images out and use placeholders.

Why this theme has all the images same as demo recently one of my client purchase this and i was customize it for him and i see it has same images like the demo .

It shouldn’t do but it is a year old so before they began being tougher on the rules

I don’t know if it’s set in stone yet but have seen a lot of rejections listed here based on that rule

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