Delete images from demo



Soft Reject : Delete the images from the main file and replace with placeholders.

So from now every theme, item, must include in demo ? There can’t be any graphics that is not included in main files?


Yes, you should do this


Please show me one Demo which have


No. Why on earth would a demo use placeholders?

You have 2 choices really, do as the the reviewer asks, or not

Id urge you to do the former

EDIT, unless is a WP theme, which in that case, doesnt make much sense and its probably worth sending the reviewer a note with your next submission


No, show me in marketing section DEMO with .

So from right now there is no sense to bought photodune images and put in in demo of project?


Your demo can and should have proper images. Those you can buy with a standard licence (since you’re using them only on one website - your demo).

But when you package your theme to upload, you cannot keep those images inside your images folder - you did not buy a re-distribution licence for each of them, right? Those licences are very expensive. So you replace them with placeholders! When your buyer downloads the package and install your demo content, his/her site will contain only placeholders and it is up to him/her to upload their own images.


And I did not package it , I replace everywhere to… but I will check once more…


Ok now I put in even to images in portfolio which were create by me. Let’s wait 2 days and see.


And still:

  1. PLACEHOLDER IMAGES: Please delete the images from the main file and replace them with placeholders. - Please mention this in the item description so that buyers understand photos are not included in the download.

THERE ARE EVERYWHERE PLACEHOLDERS. Even Big PHOTO on top taken from free site unsplash should use placeholders?


Yes, you should do this


And what if this is CSS cover ? Put blank color ? So the customer will get completly blank page without any images?