Forced to use placeholders ?

I just saw that an author got a soft reject and asked to use placeholders instead of images but this is impossible for an advanced theme that has multiple images sizes created, also in 99% of cases the images have to be added directly from library, not to mention the theme demo will look horrible, just imagine a photo grid with placeholders.

Is this a requirement now for wordpress themes ?


May be you didn’t got this. Reviewer told that author (got from the from topics of that author):
Please delete the images from the main file and replace them with placeholders.

If I am not wrong it mean placeholder for main download not for demo preview.


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Oh. I apoligize about this, I was worried for a second.

Thank you.

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What happens if I use free images, can these be added in a demo content that the user can import in his theme?

free images if has permission for commercial use you can but you have to mention it in Comments for reviewer. But envato strongly recommend not to include images instaed use placeholder. Actually this restriction only for copyright issues. Hope you understand. Thanks

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I understand but I am making a photography theme is impossible to add this placeholders in the demo content

Anyway I will see about this when I upload.

Is becomming a nigtmare to make a theme or a plugin this days.

I use images from, the license is saying:

Pixabay License

Free for commercial use
No attribution required

Are this allowed in the demo content or not?

Thank you

yes you can use for demo preview. Also can use demo import but when you will submit the item for review you must have to mention about the images and license in Comments for reviewer. So that reviewer can know abou the license. But again envato strongly recommend not to include images (can cause soft rejection) instaed use placeholder in purchased download and demo import for license issues.

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Thank you.

I understand what Envato wants but themes imports are a special case, to create two demos is time consuming and confuse the client very bad.

you can tell your customer about image license and envato rules. and you must should have a note in theme page where you will clearly mentioned preview images not incuded in demo import/main download.

I will see what the reviewer is saying because it seam that everybody is confused about this.

This is the theme I have finished it and I will upload it soon, I worked on this themefor about two years, it was slow because in 2018 I was recoverring after four years of paralisis and living hell with lyme disease, I almost died in those four years of siknes more times then I can remember, If I would tell about this you would not believe what I have need trough… because of this all 2018 when I started to recover I could only read and work maxium 2-3 hours per day and I had to learn wordpress theme development from scratch it was very difficult, my brain could not handle more, now I am almost 100% recoverd and this theme means the world to me is my way out of hell I really need it approved more then all my plugins all togheter.

I am very stressed about ir I had a hard reject six moths ago for good reasons but this time I believe I made a good theme and is ready.

What do you think is it ready?

Thank you.