Images in WP demo content

Is there any official rule on how to handle images in WP exports and especialy in Revolution slider exports.
I was in believe we should replace all images with placeholders but as I can see currently 5th most popular theme doesn’t use any placeholders in any of its 170 demos, slider exports containing URLs to real images and all WP exports in zip files contain image files.
Is this allowed?
I was sure my theme won’t pass the review if I don’t remove all images…
Thank you!!

Always best to use placeholders.

Others may have some agreement to use or distribute other images but if you use placeholders in the download version then there will be no grounds for it to be a reason for rejection and you ensure you won’t be breaching any copyright laws.

Sure, I’m using placeholders in all my themes on the another account, but buyers are not reading description and they are very frequently asking where are the images.

So if I use CC images it is OK with reviewers?

I hope there aren’t any double standards?!

CC is dangerous because in many cases sites have not checked properly or will not accept responsibility of something goes wrong.

I can’t remember the rules about using photodune images but I know you can use images from there in previews so it’s likely the rules are more leniant for download versions.

Maybe email envato and ask them or check their help pages

And what if I partner with photographer and use only his images?
I see no potential problem with that…

If you have their permission I don’t see why that would be an issue