Im struggling for pixel Thumbnail Image for Upload

Hello guys.

I’m new start selling for this marketplace, i have a question.

i setup document for thumbnail image 80x80, but the pixel quality very loww, i saw other author or tutorial after setup document 80x80 quality is good not low.

can u help me? Thank you

Create empty new document 80x80px and drag&drop photo, resize it as you wish and save…

hi what do u mean by pixel quality is low? because u may create a 80x80 with a resolution of 300 dpi if u want to … the size is not that big but this is standard for thumbnails here … to create it u may do another way that @dgas99 told u, this is selecting the preview image, making a new square selection with fixed size or proportions and actually place it on the preview, enlarge it until u get the area that u want to be in the thumbnail and then crop and resize top 80x80

hi, i try this step. but it’s still low quality :")
btw, i use software AI cs6

Hi, thank you for your reply.

I’ll try this tips, thank u for sharing

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u are welcome :slight_smile: