How do I make 80x80 thumbnails in Adobe Photoshop?

How to make 80x80px thumbnail in Adobe Photoshop without blurry?

Open new document with 80x80px and simply place photo with bigger resolution eg 1500x1500px and save.


Resize your photo to one detail, do not have to see the whole image. Look at the other thumbnails.




You can do in 2 ways:

1. Make the Image size 80x80 pixels.
2. Make the Canvas size 80x80 pixels, and scale the image to the needful size.

As you can see the the first way makes your image a lil bit blurry, second - a lil bit less blurry.
But the Image that you made looks not good. I thingk it will be looks better if you make it a lil bit blurry


The way l always do it, is to max out the sharpness, then in the preview image make it 80x80.

Good luck.


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i also having same problem can you help me ? how can i slove this problem thumbnail quility isnt good in 80x80 px help me ?

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