thumbnail 80/80 PX image ?

Hi all, hope you well,

i would like to know how to make a thumbnail 80/80 PX image for videohive please

You can edit details on approved VideoHive item to upload your custom 80x80 thumbnail jpeg created in any software.

when i make a 80/80 Px image it looks pixelized, i saw that i have to make it with Virtualdub, but dont really understand how to make it

Hi, you can make it with photoshop. Yes it looks pixelated but once uploaded it will look just fine.

tell me what you need and I can do this 4u

oh realy, like just need to make a 80/80 Px render ?

oh, thanks you, you nice, but i prefer to know how to do it, i will not ask you each time that i need :pray: :pray:

Yes, exactly :smiley:

ok, cool, thanks :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :pray: