How to create an 80x80 image in high quality

How to create an 80x80 image in high quality


Any reputable editor, like Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp,, etc. can produce some great-looking thumbnails. It really comes down to how you design your images, what anti-aliasing you use, and what format you export to.

For example, I cooked up a quick clone of Avada’s simplistic thumbnail in two programs. Both use the same colors, fonts, sizes, etc:

Adobe Photoshop (raster):
Left thumbnail has “crisp” anti-aliasing. Right thumbnail has “strong” anti-aliasing.
Bitmap Bitmap

Adobe Illustrator (vector):
Art optimized.

If you’re looking for quality, you should save your images as PNGs.

If your images look fuzzy, blurry, or too sharp, you can play with the anti-aliasing in your editor. Almost all programs have settings for anti-aliasing, and it can make a serious difference in how the image looks.

Other than that, what program do you use to make your thumbnails? Can you post some examples of thumbnails you’ve created?

I want to make any image, provided that there is text like this image … but the quality is very low … I want a clear solution to it
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I also have a picture with a large object whenever it is small, it appears in very low quality … I work on Photoshop

In the image that you showed the problem is not so much in compression quality as in the choice of font and color. The purple font does not look good on this background. The background tone and font are the same, so it’s hard to read what is written there. Make the contrast more noticeable. I would choose the white color of the font. I would also divide the tex into 2 lines (then you would have the opportunity to increase the text block). And it’s better to choose a different font :arrows_counterclockwise: :abc:

Not sure, but you can try this method

Do a project larger than 80 x 80 for example (300 x 300) pixels
And make Resolution 150
After the final is finished
Go to the Image menu and then to Image Size and make it 80 x 80
This is what I expected
I hope the technical department will help us !!