80x80 avatar quality

Hi there,
Can someone tell me how do I make a 80x80 avatar picture as requested by envato without getting my picture all pixelled and noisy? I am not so graphic - oriented (I’m a musicien) but I can figure out some basic stuff.
Is there any ps template or a topic or tutorial on that?
Thanks for supporting :)grinning:

It shouldnt be pixeled and noisy if the source isnt. Anyway use the “save for web” tool Ctrl / Cmd + Alt + Shift + S then select jpeg or better png and set the quality to 100% if jpeg, select the progressive mode.


Thanks man! this was helpful! :+1: :+1:

Just now I have realised that you didnt say one word about photoshop :smile:

And a few more tricks, before scaling down to 80x80, in save for web, max out the sharpness, tends to help, with the resolution, and also put the contrast up as well, it makes the image brighter or makes it stand out more!

Good luck.


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Thanks a lot guys!

what guys said is true, however , u have to check that u used a content that is not pixellated in the first place , i would also recommend that u create a bigger version with images which are good quality enough and that u scale down, it always look better when u scale down (if u did not do a big mistake lol)


Hi ! I’m using this website for resizing my pictures to 80x80 http://picresize.com/

lol well unless u are not a designer but a musician or something like this , i have no idea why not using photoshop in the first place …