Regarding the avatar/thumbnail image getting so pixelated and blurred.

As i am relatively new here on Envato, i really can’t tell in which category I should ask this question.
I have tried for more than a week to get a thumbnail to upload on AudioJungle but since it specifically asks for a 80*80 pixel only image, i can’t get it to be so tiny and not pixelate at the same time. And when I see all the others their thumbnails seem to be just fine. Pls can someone solve this very annoying mystery for me? Thank you in advance! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
PS: Pls forgive if I am posting this in the wrong place. Do let me know where should i post this if not here.

which software are you using to export the thumbnail image ?

make sure you save it with 300dpi.

sample80x80 sample80x80
sample 80x80px image included you can save and use it :smiley:

sample 80x80px psd file if you use photoshop :

First of all thank you for the reply! I do not have photoshop so I am using Gimp. I’ll try what you have suggested. And thank you for the sample image. Is Gimp ok for this job?