I need a hand how could i make a thumbnail 80x80px

i got rejected because my thumbnail was not clear (blurred),anybody can help me how to make a thumbnail 80x80px?,thanks

In 80x80 canvas place high resolution image, resize as you wish and that is it.

Dear dgas99,

Thank you for helping me, i still have the problem as every time i resize
the image in the 80x80 canvas it went blurred,here-under the picture i want
to turn it to a thumbnail,kindly check it and tell me what is the problem
with it

thanks again

That image is not square so it’s either going to stretch (which will look bad) or be cropped.

You will need to rethink the layout to make it square in dimension

even if i turn it to a square shape it still blurred after i resize

with respect, it’s not an ideal choice for a thumbnail as there is a lot going on e.g. detailed photo element, multiple different text styles and font sizes (some very small), and all of the different parts will never be clear enough to read at those dimensions. You would make life much easier for yourself to simplify the concept a lot

Is that means it is ok to simplify it which means i will do some changes to the original file so it will not looks the same like the original file?,the point is if they are going to accept it this way or not?

I’m not a reviewer but I think that you will really struggle to make it work at 80X80 unless you drop or substitute several parts of the design


I can help you on this. if you could share the icon PSD to create an icon for you.

it will be much helpful if you tell me how to do it,thanks

Hi, it would be better if you had a photo of higher resolutions.
Try something like this in attach.


It does not matter if the whole design is not see, choose one part that best looks.

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