Help,How do I make 80x80 thumbnails in Adobe Photoshop??

hello, I have already read some topics on this topic, however by trying I have not found a solution. I have a 1590 x 990 large logo and would like to bring it to 80x80px. The problem is that once downsized it is really grainy. I tried to create an 80x80 square by resizing the image, I tried to import the image and resize it directly, but nothing. thanks for who will help me.

#1 Logo_1

Did you go via the image size tab and input the pixels? DPI should be 72 if this graphic will be for your computer or phone screen.

(If it’s meant to be a small image, it will be pixelated when you zoom in, just so you know.)

you mean that?


this is the result ahaha…

I don’t know why

Ah, I’ll try it on my end to see what happens. Watching kids so it may be a minute, lol. Hopefully a more experienced person will beat me to a solution. xD

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I don’t know how to solve this problem …

It should be 80x80 for a start, and if you scale up the logo to fill the frame then it should be considerably less pixelated. Well it’ll look more pixelated to be fair, but if you scale down the image then it should work… i.e. you’re displaying an 80x50 image here that’s zoomed in.

What if you change it to 300dpi, does it look better?

hello, but then I should export in the resolution 1590 x 990, after opening another project and set the size to 80x80 px. Finally shrink the logo?

80x80 Logo2

wait, explain to me how you did ahahaha
you can share a screenshot

After Effects… none of that DPI nonsense or anything like that! Just downloaded your full size logo, dragged it into an 80x80 composition and scaled/positioned to fit. Render out as png with alpha.

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oki thanks now i will try

in order to have a further better performance, could I implement some precautions?

Ah, glad to see someone had good luck with it through a round about manner.

Curious what the actual solution to doing it in photoshop might be. No luck on my end, alex.

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don’t worry, thank you very much for your support

same I’ve been seeing a lot of posts from people asking for advice and tips on how to make better thumbnails for their videos, so I decided to make one to share what I know on the subject and hopefully help those trying to figure out Photoshop and how to make these damn things.

Here’s said video.

**My “credentials”:**

I don’t claim to be a Photoshop guru, but I’ve been doing photography for close to 10 years and in that time I’ve learnt a few things, both when it comes to photo/image editing and in terms of what makes for a good/interesting image.

Here are some of the thumbnails I’ve made for my videos. The first two in the album are two of the three I make in the video, although I did make some minor changes to one of them after recording it (different font, different color stroke). I understand my style may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think the techniques I go over can be used to make any type of thumbnail.

What’s in the video?

The video is about 40 minutes long, it shows the process of creating 3 different thumbnails from scratch, and it covers:

  • Selecting and erasing backgrounds to create “transparent” elements (useful for logos)
  • Layer styles (stroke, outer glow, drop shadows, all that fun stuff)
  • Selective use of blur and contrast to make thumbnails “pop”
  • A few useful shortcuts not everyone might know about
  • Basics of composition
  • Editing text
  • Various ways to remove parts of an image
  • More that I can’t remember.

I think I covered everything pretty thoroughly in it, so even complete beginners with Photoshop should be able to easily follow along.

BONUS TIP: I forgot to mention this in the video (and it’s something that I didn’t even realize until recently), but try not to put any important text or images in the bottom right corner of a thumbnail or they may end up hidden behind the little black box indicating the video’s length. Hope some of you will find this helpful, let me know in the comments if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them!

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This is certainly wonderful, but the question was not about that. The author of the post wanted to know the technical nuances and not the design tips. And he was interested in Tumbnail (80x80) and not in Preview Image

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