I'm new: Why my AE project was rejected?

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My project

I´m gonna try to be as honest as possible. Looks like an old Flash software animation. It has almost no design and details that can make it attractive to buy. In my opinion, if you watch it without audio, it really doesn’t look like a train passing by through a landscape, and I think that´s not a good sign for your intention to make it look like a train window. Try to watch other authors works to see the minimum quality level required nowadays on Videohive.
Keep working!
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It’s not bad in its own style, but too specific and outdated for VideoHive. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I see this often with rejected projects: There is an animation that is not that bad, but for some reason the author thought he has to make a logo animation out of it although there really is no sense in doing that.
The “logo reveal” here is a simple linear wipe, this is not good. Simple as that.

The comic animation, while minimal, can be improved to work as a motion graphics clip.
If you want to do a logo reveal, work on the logo reveal.

As I said, I see this often. Sometimes people have beautiful water animations and then fade the logo on top of it in such a cheap way that I cannot believe that the same person was able to generate the water…

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It s a bad template but it is almost art.

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