Why Rejected?

Hello Dear Authors
Can you please tell me your opinion about why my Project Got Rejected


your design and logic are beautiful. I guess for too much simplicity it might not have been accepted.


Hey, welcome to Videohive :smiley:

I think it got rejected for two reasons, first cause there are quite a few very similar projects and second cause it’s a bit too simple and doesn’t add anything “extra” to the simple cube concept so to say. But that said I still like it, and I think the animation is smooth and slick.

But now let’s look at a few similar already approved projects:

This one is almost identical to yours, it just has a more robust rotation animation, combined with some secondary reaction effects (like that echo-ish type of circular animation that triggers after each cubes spin) and it also has the icons with shadows. All of these things make this project have “more value” so when comparing directly to yours this one gets approved and yours gets rejected.

Although I don’t like that icons shading, nor the circular echo-effect and I personally wouldn’t just blindly slap on these exact effects to my animation just to “create more complexity”. I would do things differently, but hey for this author he liked that style and it worked out for him. As for you and me - we need to figure out by ourselves what works for us, instead blindly copying other authors approaches and decisions.

Other projects worth taking a look at are these:

This one combines the logo concept with a nice distortion effect + adds photo/video placeholders inside the cume, which in turn also makes it more unique and gives it more value.
And lastly this one goes all the way out and adds advanced additional effects to the simple logo concept which takes it to the next level.

So to get your project approved I think you need to take it to the next level. Either by playing with it position/rotation/scale animation for more interesting and unique results, or perhaps also improving it’s text animations, or going all out and mixing some additional cool idea with this simple concept.

If it was my project, I personally would try to incorporate these references into it:

Like here on 0:11 I really like they way the graphics gradually scale up, I would definitely steal this effect from them to make the animation more dynamic by changing up the scale in similar ways, or maybe just scaling up for the final logo reveal, who knows :smiley: And also I would add that slanting text animation for the cubes text. Might even consider copying the text’s style with filled and outlined text as I think that looks really good and a bit more modern than your approach.

Then from this one I might use that puzzle-like sliding animation either to reveal the logo or to somehow else incorporate that sliding animation idea in the overall cubes animation and text reveals, to make it more interesting.

And lastly, I would reference this for incorporating some “stretched elements” into my logo reveal as well as some grunge/dirt/noise textures to make the visuals a bit more interesting.

Again, these are my suggestions based on what I like, and you can find other similar animations on Vimeo or Behance, and then take from them what you like and incorporate that into your project in a way that makes sense. Then once it’s looking a bit more unique and interesting, I bet the reviewers will be just unable to reject it :slight_smile:


@Atamotion explained the event with great preparation and many documents :slight_smile: Bravo :clap: :clap: :clap:


yeah that is right , i have the same opinion , thanks for your comment :blush:

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Believe me you deserve an Award , thank you for that great explanation , i really appreciate tha and it was useful , i take all your notice and keep it on my mind for my next project , the community needs more amazing people like you.

just another question , envato said that i can’t apply this project again , so if i modify ot and make it more Cool ,Can i apply it again?

Hello Thanks for your comment ".

You can try again by adding extra features to the same idea and making bigger changes.

However, resending with minor changes can be problematic. Achievements :slight_smile:


That is great, I won’t give up on that project and I will add more features, thank you, appreciate your help