AE Project...Your uploaded rejected... Why?

AE Project…Your uploaded rejected… Why? … now it but is no longer available for buyers

PS Here used sophisticated 3D animation with particle effects + created special sound for this video. Color in your project is changing fast

18 views … and what … have nothing to say?

Well, sound is bad. I know you worked hard, but mastering is not so good. Concerning animation - to be honest it is a bit outdated design. 3-4 years ago it could’ve worked. The transition between particles and logo is no good, to rough. The flare in the beginning is to how should I say… Well it all looks unnatural and unprofessional in terms of particles behavior, light (to thick) and overall action. Check how others work with particles and light, figure out how to make it look more dramatic and clean and use better sound. Good luck, mate. You did good job but now you need to polish it.

Thanks for the comment… you have similar work, that sell well? You use your sound or someone else’s?