AE Project reject


My last project has been rejected.

Reviewer said “it isn’t at the quality standard required” and “Because there is so much competition and saturation in this category, we only accept projects that we feel provide exceptional quality in both design and execution.”

I’m very frustrated and disappointed. I spent a month curating all aspects of this project template. Of course there more explainer projects, but not that many with this thin line or stroke style.

I would appreciate your feedback to understand why this happened.

Also, which categories do you think would bring more opportunities for new submissions?


Nice, clean and really time consuming project… Can’t explain the reason of rejection…

I like it, looks pretty cool/useful.

Like it,Good project

I can understand this taking a while to create. Unfortunately I would agree with the Envato reviewer on this one. There are a hundred other “Thin Line” packs on VideoHive with most of the elements you have created here.

Overall, the animations on the project are very rough. Your keyframes are harsh and the pacing is awkward. It seems you used the “trim paths” animation for every object, which isn’t going to be enough. Also, the line thickness isn’t consistent.

The market is flooded with well designed and animated packs like this. I’d suggest making something completely original and not getting so hung up on what everyone else is doing. Good luck!