Advice on AE Project submission

I have had multiple AE project files rejected with not much explanation as to why.

I spent extra time writing up the tutorial and the files and folders are clearly organised.

The stock response VideoHive sends me is not every helpful.Any feedback would be appreciated.

bump this, does anyone see a reason why this would be rejected?

Hey, man, you did a good job, but I think you need to polish this one a little. Check projects similar to yours, to see how people work with text and font. Also check aligning of text, I can see some inbalance in positioning. Double check animation, so to make it feel as clean as possible and how everything look to end-user, how it easy to customize. I know it is hard to get rejects without explanation, just give it another try.

The best way - just look at them and as yourself a question what you don’t like in your own project and fix it. I wish you luck.

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thanks bud

So I double checked my animation, fixed the problems, changed the font to something I found more acceptable, and realigned all my text. and resubmitted - a few days later I get this email.

‘This is a resubmission of a previously rejected submission. Resubmitting without making significant improvements is not considered acceptable use of the Envato marketplaces and repeated attempts may result in a temporary or permanent suspension of authorship.’

This is just getting silly now. I dont think I’m going to bother again. Thanks for the tips, I wish Videohive would actually tell me what the problem is with this rather than stock responding to their clients.

Got this kind of things too on some projects. In the end, all we can do is just move on. Wish you luck on the next one.