I'm new here. I bought music for a client video. How do I transfer the license to the client?

I’m very new here. I bought music for a client’s video I produced. I know I’m supposed to send them the source material and delete it from my computer. How do I transfer the license to them?

You can’t really transfer the license. In a way they should have bought the license then but I would just tell them and show them the license you bought and reassure them that all is correct.

Oh, I see.
Unfortunately, asking them to buy something would have taken too long, and they needed the final product urgently. Also, I don’t think they want to deal with all the details of the production, as they are too busy and shorthanded (which is why they hired me to produce the video), so they just wanted me to deal with all the production details.
However, I communicated with the company that produced the music, and they are going to clear the video on YouTube when it goes up. They asked me to send them the link. So, I think it’ll work out.

Thank you for your reply and your help!


Yes then you did everything in your power so the client can be happy and secure. Great that you take all these careful steps!

In your case, you can indeed transfer the license to your client, as is specified in the license terms:

You simply send them a copy of the license in a pdf form (available to download from your “downloads” tab). Of course you cannot use the same license for your own usage.


Thank you!