i'm a newbie on envato :) could i havea review please ? any feedback to help improving it

hi everyone,
and thank you in advance for your feedback.

unfortunately my first banner submission was hard rejected,

any feedback for improvement about Graphic design, commercial values, marketing aspects, are welcome

thank your in advance for all your feedbacks

There isn’t really much in terms of design. All the customer is really getting is some text and two boxes, since I’m guessing the shoes are not included and are expected to be replaced regardless.

Sure this could work well as a banner in general, but for a Marketplace item that customers are going to pay for, there just isn’t much on offer. Even with a quick Google search, I can find tons of free banner templates that are much more complex.

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thanks for your review and your time, i really appreciate it .

i think you’re right about the fact that it’s abouta marketplace .

hi agree with @XioxGraphix, think about it, why buying such an item when it could be redone in a few minutes and that this is not even perfect as such, in addition … people will choose saving money as they would not save time out of buying … moreover, u have issues of text disposition and the related alignment , the spacing need adjustments too, as u should make sure that all the elements have equal spacing to generate harmony for the whole item. the typo is basically too flat, lacking originality , variations and font combinations and the hierarchy of information , right now, is rather wet indeed. finally, the shadows are too massive and this ruins the good idea that u had about the shoes disposition