Banner ads keep getting rejected


I recently uploaded a set of banner ads and it got rejected. I can’t figure out why. I thought they were pretty good quality!

beauty|141x500 .

They’re decent, but I can also see a few problems.

The spacing and alignment is off in a few places, such as the 970x90 one, the text is too close to the edge of the banner, I’d make the text slightly smaller to give it more room. The 320 and 728 also don’t have a whole lot of room for the logo, since logo sizes and compositions vary quite a lot, they’d need a very specific logo layout to fit into that space nicely, and even still I think there isn’t much room.

Don’t be afraid to change the ratio of the button. Especially in the horizontal banners, you can make the buttons larger and more square, so they take up most of the vertical space.

However, even with these details fixed, the item still isn’t enough to be a marketable item. If you take away the image, all you have is a gradient, some text, and an outlined box. In many cases this can look very nice, but as a marketplace item, it’s no where near enough, especially when you can find similar, or even more detailed designs for free. Simplicity is nice, but for someone to find value in a digital item among hundreds (or thousands) of others, you need to offer a lot more, such as patterns, more unique shapes, layouts, etc.

hi i think that overall what u have here is lacking graphic design in a general way, do not get me wrong , this is harmonious in the global style though , think about it, why would anyone choose to buy such an item if they ever know the basics of photoshop , since they would be able to redo the same in a very short while, thus people will rather opt for saving money and redoing this …

the lack of graphic design in a general way is though not the only thing that is an issue for u to deal with … indeed, there is a real issue as regard to the organization of the whole lay out , as well as alignment problems since u have crammed areas and way emptier ones in the meanwhile …

in addition, the typo definitely is way too basic for here , this is lacking originality, lacking variations and font combinations , also in an attempt of building a way better hierarchy of information at the same time …

indeed, what is problem making for u right now this is that nothing is really popping out while people are expecting to categorize contents and to make some information prevail over the rest , like in any other kind of item whatsoever …

the misbalance that all i mentioned is creating also has an impact on aesthetics in a general way and all the global harmony that u did not really completely manage to create apart from the choice of the picture, the selected colors and some small other things

u have ti think about your item as a ready to use item where people should change as less as possible indeed and in this case, as u could figure out, as regard to what i have explained above, your item is not yet ready for this