Banner Set Rejected Again!!

I created another new banner set yesterday and it was rejected again. It’s a very clean and professional set. I am attaching the files because maybe they are incorrect. I have seen ads on here that aren’t up to the quality they are holding me too and I am very confused.


Your design looks rather just, I think it served as a hard refusal. Work out your design better and try again


This doesn’t make sense. Thanks

The fact that the envato market tends to be more diverse and filled with high-quality products, I’m sure that such offers to them comes a lot, moderators will not miss such products on the market, all the ideas should be unique, I do not think that you have seen it somewhere, but agree bodobnyh structures in the design quite a lot.

With respect there is quite a lot of work needed in terms of the basics like hierarchy, typography and consistency. As (only some) examples:

  • the padding on the ‘Free shipping’ is inconsistent

  • in many, the CTA text is oversized in proportion to the main image

I get that different dimensions makes it impossible to have things exactly the same but maintaining similar and consistent margins, spacing, and alignment is key to make it feel more premium and not just the same 3 elements are being forced into each dimension at any cost

and again… Rule nr. 1 -> TIME SAVING ITEM.

I’ll use one of my effects to make it bigger and more “readable” :slight_smile:

So don’t say to people that: “This doesn’t make sense.” - where is the sense of buying item like yours, where I see one button and few text layers… ? :slight_smile:

You need try harder and make something better - if all of us upload simple items like you presented this market will have billions of this kind of items and you can only wish to earn $5 per month :slight_smile: I am serious, nothing personal just facts.

Good Luck and Peace ! :slight_smile:

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hi think about it , why would anyone buy such an item when they could redo it in a few minutes and save money? i am sorry to say just this , but , at this stage , u simply do not have enough graphic design into what u have done and u need to push the envelope indeed , not to mention that the thing is not even perfect aside from this , actually …

the bullet on the top left is too close from edges, there is no breathing and the combination of this , as such , and the picture under makes your left side look very crammed when the right part is very empty in comparison which generates a misbalance of the whole item indeed

introducing a professional looking logo would be welcome too as all details matter … not to mention that the bullet under is far from impressive and not necessarily emphasizing what is supposed to be an essential part in brand making …

finally the typo is clean but honestly this is still a bit flat somehow some way and introducing more variations and font combinations , as well as a small touch of originality , would certainly be welcome and take your item to the next level