Illegal Charge

On 24 March I had $300 US removed from my Paypal account for a service I neither requested or received.
I had no account with this company, no dealings with it and had never heard of it.
I am a pensioner and it’s a lot of money to me.
My complaints are going nowhere.
Give me back my money.

You’ve been charged $300 for a payment to Envato, without your knowledge? Sorry to hear that. You really need to contact Paypal though, rather than Envato.

By all means, speak to Envato support, as they may be able to help with any investigation, but the only way that Envato could have processed the payment is if somebody has specifically requested for a payment to be made… and if that wasn’t you, then somebody has access to your Paypal details, which needs to be reported to Paypal asap. I’d also recommend you change your Paypal and email passwords as soon as you can.

To raise the issue with Paypal, log into your account and go to ‘Tools’… ‘Resolution Center’… and then ‘Report a Problem’.

And here’s the link to open a ticket with Envato…

Hope you manage to get it sorted.

So you wash your hands of the whole thing?
Stolen money is as good as any other.

Stopping whatever they paid for and returning the money is not an option I take it.
This will go further.

Yes indeed, and @SpaceStockFootage just told you both places to take it, do you really think this will be resolved on a public forum? Read the post above and act with the information given, it’s 100% correct.

Also, change your PayPal password, it’s not possible for a company to take money from it without an order, most likely someone has gained access to your account.

I can appreciate your concern, and I’m sure you want to get this resolved, but to use an analogy… if somebody steals your credit card and uses it to buy something in a shop, you need to speak to your bank. They will cancel your card, investigate and do what they can to get the money back in your account. There’s not that much the shop can do.

The best course of action to get this resolved as quickly as possible, is to speak to Paypal.

Of course I changed my passwords and contacted PayPal immediately I saw the transaction, the fact still is that you could return the money to PayPal and there would be no long and drawn out procedure for me to get it off of them.

This is not a complaint about service or quality, it is a pure and simple theft.

You need to make claim about such transaction to Paypal support.

From what you’ve explained, it does sound like theft. But theft by the person using your account, not by Envato. Envato will have had a request to deposit $300 into an Envato account, that request will have been forwarded to Paypal, and then that payment (and all the security procedures that entails) will have been handled by Paypal.

I’m sure everyone here can appreciate your concern over this, and nobody wants you to be down $300, but Envato can’t just give you $300. There are procedures in place that need to be followed.


Can you give me the details of the product paid for and any information on who it was supplied to?

This is a public forum and you are interacting with individual authors, not with Envato staff. This is not the place where you can get this information.

As mentioned earlier in this thread, the fastest and best way for you to deal with this issue is to denounce the transaction at Paypal. Their process is quite easy to go through.

As for the details of the product paid for, if the information is not detailed in your Paypal statement, you could ask Envato by opening a ticket. This could take some time though, as support is quite slow, and I don’t see how it would help you.

Regarding who the product was supplied to, it’s a safe bet the identity would be fake as we’re talking about a thief.

Well PayPal said it’s Envato’s problem and Envato just told me PayPal have to sort it out, neither accepts responsibility.
Envato will give me no details of the transaction… could this be to protect the buyer?
Hang on, that’s supposed to be me.

My stolen money is looking further and further away.

That is weird. It really doesn’t sound like something Paypal would “say”. When a fraudulent payment is made, their usual process is to cancel the transaction plain and simple. The fact that they didn’t means either that there is more to this story than what you told us, or that there is misunderstanding/miscommunication between you and Paypal.

double post

It’s now in the hands of several Australian anti-fraud organisations… as I said, it does not end here.

Exactly. It’s an automated process as far as I’m aware. They might be manually reviewed from time to time, but If the owner of the Paypal account disputes a charge, it’s disputed through the resolution center… which is all just a selection of checkboxes and dropdowns etc.

The only reason I can imagine a dispute being dismissed or rejected outright, is if it’s not been conducted through the resolution centre, or it’s been too long since the purchase. As it was only last month, I can only assume you’ve not followed the proper dispute process. I could be wrong, but we don’t have much info to go on.

Either way, I hope the anti-fraud organisations help you to get the money back from Paypal and/or the thief.