Unauthorized sale from my card on Envato

I’m not a guy who uses Envato. Today I saw that 51 dollars of purchase was made on my card via Envato. I contacted my bank but they also said I need to talk to Envato. I couldn’t find a way to contact Envato so I’m writing here. I think they spent from a general marketplace part. Could they be laundering money from credit card theft? I would be very happy if I could talk to an moderator here. I wish you all a good day.

You need to contact support

Envato Market Help and Support

If the credit card is not stolen or used by someone you know, it’s probably a theme purchase. As @charlie4282 suggested, contact Envato support but make sure your account is not linked with the same credit card, your current account may be also blocked along with the account that the purchased has taken place.

Thank you guys, I have contacted from the link @charlie4282 sent. I hope I get it fixed.