Charged by envato automatically without authorization

I’ve been a long term (since December 2012). I’ve spent thousands of dollars on countless items from almost all the markets. I was very satisfied with the quality of items received.

On the 7th of January 2017 I noticed a charge from Envato amounting to $100USD on my company PayPal account. I logged into my Envato account and checked all my emails. I found absolutely no trace of a purchase.

Thereafter, I opened a ticket on the 24th of Jan,2017. After over a week of back and forth my issue was closed without resolution. I reviewed my account details once more and reopened the ticket a few days later only to have it closed with no response.

To other Envato customers, make sure to review your PayPal account transactions.
There are NO billing agreements or pre-approved payments on my company PayPal account that are associated with Envato.

The poor support received from Envato regarding this extremely sensitive issue is quite alarming. Even if Envato does not have an active phone support channel,there should be maximum priority regarding billing inquiries. Agents should be allowed to follow up by calling customers to allow swift resolution of complex issues.

I hope this was an honest mistake and not a much larger security breach. If I don’t receive an explanation I will be reporting this to the press and relevant authorities for investigation.

Just don’t dispute it because then you’ll probably lose all your items.

Please keep us updated.

Hello! Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with a phantom purchase. That does sound very strange. If you haven’t done so already, please open a help ticket at Envato Help & Support Center. They will get to the bottom of things for you.


Reopened the original ticket for a 2nd time. Waiting for a response.

Update: Was reached out to by a Senior Helpdesk Officer on Feb 17th. I responded with the requested info within a few hours.
Today is the 2nd of March and I’ve still not received any information let alone a refund for this unauthorized charge by Envato. I don’t understand why I have to do all of this to receive support. Totally unacceptable.

Going to try reporting this as a security issue/concern as they shouldn’t have been able to charge my PayPal account without authorization or a billing plan. Also for some weird reason, I don’t receive deposit receipts via email anymore, although they show on the statements page.

So basically a support agent has confirmed that a user (they wont tell me who) has allegedly used my company PayPal account to purchase credits on Envato. The agent says I should contact PayPal and that they cannot do anything about it.

I filed a dispute with PayPal and they said there was NO unauthorized activity on the account.
Unfortunately, I canceled my credit card earlier this year or I’d file a chargeback.

Basically, Envato doesn’t care if you steal cards/accounts to buy things from their site. To them money is more important than loyal customers. They’ll put you throw you at the mercy of PayPal.
So either Envato is lying or PayPal is lying. I don’t care anymore.

I’ve been a user since 2012 and I’ve spent thousands on hundreds of items across all marketplaces. I’ve realized that Envato does not value my business one bit and will not be a customer any longer.