If I purchased a theme, all the images , videos, gif etc are allowed to use?

Hi all,
All I wanted to know that, suppose I purchase a theme which contain, images, graphic , videos and lots of other thing, So can I use them for creating a website and showing there ?
Or a theme purchase only concern about html and css that’s it?

What comes under license and copy right thing of theme purchase?


Usually the demo cotnent is included but not the assets like images and video especially when it is stock based content

thanks for your reply than how the theme provider using that?

theme provider can use those assets (images, videos etc) into their demo because they have proper license to use those. but they don’t include those assets in purchased download because envato don’t allow to do that because of license issues. Instead theme provider use placeholder images for those assets in purchased download. Thanks

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What @mgscoder said.

Usually you can reach out to the author and ask where they got the assets, if this is not mentioned in documentation

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thanks for your reply