Is this allowed now?

I noticed AmyMovie theme is using actual movie posters/cover with slight modification on other images. Is this allowed as long as the images themselves are not included in the main download? I’m about to release a theme with the same concept.

There are some good Help Center articles here which go over what you can and can’t have in your items.

Can I use unlicensed (watermarked or otherwise) content from other sites in my item previews?

You cannot use unlicensed assets. Almost all stock services and any assets sourced from search engines do not give you the right to use any file even if you leave the watermark in (Envato does not allow watermarks from others in the Market preview).

I’m sorry but I’m already aware of this and it doesn’t quite answer my question.
How come some templates are accepted like OMB and AmyMovie when there’s a rule like this?
Does it mean it’s alright to use these assets as long as I don’t include them in the main download file and just use it for preview purpose then credit the sources of these assets?

I suggest asking support for exact clarity

That said (just my opinion and not an official answer) there is no way that anyone should be allowed to use a Hollywood movie’s official artwork or characters etc as part of a commercial project as these will be copyrighted to all extremes.

One thing that may happen (on a moble so can’t review that site you mentioned earlier properly) is that a site may be pulling data and content directly from somewhere like IMDB using some form of API.

This may be different from then just ripping the artwork manually

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