I would like to get some feedback on my track

Hello, fellow authors.
I am a bit new to audio stocks and using sample libraries to write music. I have just finished a small track and I wonder whether I could sell it on audiojungle.
Having heard of audiojungle strict rejection policy I would like to know your opinion. Could my track be accepted?

Thank you for your reply. Stay safe!

Hello! Your track sounds great. Which does not guarantee its admission. From the point of view of commercial suitability, I doubt that it will become successful. Under which videos do you represent its use? Perhaps if you change its structure and development and make a sound not so bright, then commercial suitability will be higher. But this is my opinion and it may differ from the views of other authors. In any case, do not quit this activity. With time and experience, understanding will come of what and how to do. Good luck!

Thank you very much for your reply! Frankly speaking, I did not have any specific intentions for its usage in media. I was practicing, made this, and thought it could be suitable for audio stocks. I will try to have a specific aim next time, but I will still try to submit it.
As for brightness, maybe I can lower the influence of tape simulation a bit.

Thank you again for your opinion!
Have a great day!

Good morning!

Great job!

My impression is that customers tend to want the tracks to be fairly consistent, so whether they’d go for Major/Minor, or at least major/relative minor is a question mark for me. You might have two separate tracks though! I would lengthen the transitions between the major and minor sections and make sure the melody flows from one to the other, and also add an arpeggio during the introduction and ending to fill the gaps, either using Pizzicato strings or a piano.

Good luck!

  • Nathan

Thank you for your advice! It seems there are plenty of points to consider when writing a piece of music specificaly for audiojungle…
I will take everything you wrote into account.
And good luck you too!

You’re welcome! I’m coming to understand that making a good AJ track is about leading the listener along from beginning to end, whether it’s a lead line, a rhythm, bass line, whatever, pick some element to pull them through the track from beginning to end, not too many big gaps, and keep things moving!

You’re going to get it!

  • Nathan