Feedback on Track for Newcomer

I’m pretty new here and trying to find the right balance between art and commerce!
I’m more than willing to change my writing to suit the needs of the market, so feedback on
a more ‘arty’ track like this one would be useful: does it stand a chance here? what to do to get it accepted? Any feedback from experienced composers would be welcome…no ego here so don’t be afraid to hurt my feelings!! Thank you very much!
here’s the link to the track:

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no. I listened to other tracks in your “soundcloud”. here normally. “side”

Thanks for taking the time to answer, looking at tutorials on Mid-side Eq now and trying things out. So far I’ve only used panning, stereo imagers and reverb to place things in a mix so this is advanced but very useful!

Hi @kittykatssounds!

This is a cool track! I’m not an expert on the AJ side of things, but here are some general points to consider as far as commercial value is concerned:

From a standard video production perspective, this is three songs in one. There are sudden and significant changes in instrumentation, energy and mood. It would be next to impossible to fit this track to an existing video. They would have to edit the video to match the music instead, which is fine.

But then you’ll run into the problem of the search engine. How would an editor/director find this track? What keywords would they use to find it among the hundreds and thousands of tracks in the AJ catalog?

The second potential issue concerns the reverse vocal samples. They are cool but they could be distracting with visuals, unless that’s exactly what they are after. But now you’re carving a very, very thin niche for yourself.

The third (again, potential) issue is that the song doesn’t end on the tonic. Again, that’s niche territory IMO.

I would say get more mileage out of the material you have. You could actually make three commercially viable tracks out of this. Study the categories in AJ for a while. Analyze the best seller, trend setters, and try to find the common points. That will give you a solid idea of what’s selling.

Good luck!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to answer!
This is all super useful insights and gives me a much better idea of what to do, and basicallly adapt and stop
thinking like a songwriter when writing for visual projects!
I’m very grateful for your help so thanks a million!!
Best of luck to you too !

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