I think that my buttons will to be hard rejected because too basic but I am not sure....


please help me thank you so much… regards.


Yes, they probably will be rejected, but not just due to simplicity.

The dark circles in the first one are not centred with the larger circular part, which looks off.

The scan lines and colour combination in the second one makes it a little hard to read.

Not really sure what that blue part in the third one is supposed to be, but it looks blurry and makes the text slightly hard to read.

The fourth one looks a bit better, but the thin lines and glowing text look off. Plus the icons are no centred.

The last one is very basic, but the inner shadow and glowing red text doesn’t look right.

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GR reject these outdated buttons since 2016. Social networks logos are not allowed.

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Seams like you have lots of free time if you created that ambiguous social ad, outdated icons.

This is the result when you work randomly and without a research.


@JeriTeam - please don’t take it personally but please take some time and learn graphic design (and learn more about the current trends before attempting any different designs) - from online course platforms like envato tuts plus - skillshare (don’t forget to watch and learn updated courses for 2020 and future ready courses.)

i can see you are struggling with designing since long time - and also with the language - its not always easy to understand what you are saying (you can learn basic communication english skills from lots of online courses - tutorials).


@Muse-Master We adviced Jerry the same many times before but she don’t want to learn. She repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Probably becoming a graphic designer it’s not she’s goal. I tend to belive this is just a hobby for her.

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its like 2016 or 2017 since @JeriTeam started uploading items to envato, still the same jeriteam -
maybe she should start new other hobby which she likes.

@JeriTeam (Sorry but you are struggling alot most of most of members wants help you on this envato forums but you are not taking a chance to understand it)

i can’t consider it as her hobby cause she want most of her designs approved on envato.

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hi indeed, most importantly she is butterflying from one category to the other , when her best quality seems to be about illustrations … i used to advice her to get to focus on where she can bring something new to the table and to take her time to create things, to pay attention about details and so on but it look like she is persisting into rushing things up and producing a lot rather than producing less but higher quality content with some real concept and at least some touches of originality …

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Jeri, the best piece of advice that i may give u is to get back to creating illustration-based items … this is where u can bring something a bit different …and something interesting as well … i will repeat once again what i told u many times, your goal should not be to create a lot … but to focus on what u can do best, think about what u want to create in details, bringing some originality and also to take your time to create what u want to create so that u can pay attention to details and realize how important they turn out to be … many photoshop experts use to advice this >>> start creating something, take a few hours, go to do something else and come back have a look at what u were doing … u will see many cases, failures or missing things will look much more obvious to u …

now, as for the item itself , well apart from te rather outdated feeling that this kind of item is generating, indeed, there are very big discrepancies between one set of button yo the other … the first one looks rather cool though there is a slight issue of contrast … and that the text in such a context is definitely not popping out … . The second set is looking even more outdated indeed. because of the shape, because of the colors u used and so on … this set is also not so interesting as the color combinations are really far from being welcome … colors are not matching and the text is not even contrasting from the background which makes the item rather inefficient and rather unuseful as well … . The third set is reminding us that originality is cool as this is serving a project positively and this is hard to tell that this is what happens here … i have no idea in which context such a button would be useful or would look like being fitting "the situation ". For me, with this one, u just make numbers … . These buttons are very far from aesthetic, they are not particularly readable or outstanding and the multiplication of colors is rather killing harmony rather than any other thing. For the clear blue set , this is globally clean apart form the same problem of contrast than with the rest of what u are offering here … what is the point of having buttons if they are not “calling for action” , if they are not catching the attention and if the text in the bullet is hardly readable and definitely not popping out? the last set is too simple, i have no idea who would pay nowadays to have an item like this that could be redone in less than 5 minutes and which does not even look particularly good? not to mention that many styles can be downloaded for free from the internet , which is decreasing the potential of your item once again … . Needless to say that all this criticism applicable to these elements is even truer if u do not handle everything really properly … alignment and everything …


Yeah its better to stick to the one category. Which she is good at.

@JeriTeam Please take it as advice and - don’t go mad about this on us - we are trying to help you.


Aside from the obvious quality problems - there’s only 4 social networks and not even including some of the most popular like Instagram - just screams rushed and in the nicest possible way quite desperate.

Everyone has echoed the same sentiment here already but if you spent half the time you do creating these examples, by taking an online course or some kind of training / learning then you would benefit significantly more.


she has definitely improved a lot though there is much left to do but the advice for classes is never a bad one, i would add that she would be inspired to follow an english one, as well , this would help her a lot


@n2n44 Sorry for I say to all authors that I am deaf (don’t is joke) and I would learning more designs for sell in photoshop but problem I don’t understand very good english because I speak other language like spanish but I go to search learning better in course english my country only write.

I will to sell better illustrations in graphicriver because approved…

@n2n44 @Muse-Master
I thank you very much for defending me


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Jeri, u can rest assured, nobody is blaming u. Indeed, u have to keep in mind the good progress that u have been through. Yes, of course, there is still a long road to go and a lot of things for u to learn but with sufficient desire and dedication , u willl manage to learn all u have to learn. As u have the positive attitude to be willing to learn this is just a matter of time andwork , keep doing your best, focus on quality :slight_smile:

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It’s okay that you don’t speak English. For many of us, English is not our first language. But I can’t understand why you so stubbornly don’t want to use google translate. Many authors have advised you to do this. But when I see your “Do I can…?” and “A ask”, I understand that you never started using the translator. Sometimes it is very difficult to understand what you are writing about. Just start using google translate

And I cannot understand whether you deceived us before or you are deceiving us now. Earlier you wrote that you don’t speak at all. Now you write that you speak Spanish :man_shrugging:

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Yes I want translate google but problem I don’t write very good spanish like speak because I am deaf sorry, I need my husband will to help me best my language spanish for translate english but he not have any time.

I would envato add all language for example: spanish, english, france, portuguese, etc for author can write your language not problem understand,

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Try to learn more about up-to-date design. This looks like 2000’s design.


Thank you, I try make new version buttons design like 2020

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