My UI Button was rejected

Hello everyone! I was creating UI Button, and after I had uploaded it on GraphicRiver I got the reject because my item isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward. I’m so sad that Envato didn’t like this, but they still don’t tell me a reasons for this reject. Dear Envato Forum’s members, could you help me to understand why my item seems so bad? Thank you!

Looks good, I like it. One tiny thing is there looks like there’s some kind of texture on the grey metal part, and it would probably look cleaner and better without that. I don’t know why it was rejected, but maybe the design could be developed into a bigger UI set that would have more options and be more appealing to buyers?

This seems to be goooooooood! You may consider the font size of the caption as it feels it should be better smaller.

Apart of that a single button doesn’t sound to be worth buying isn’t it? Think of the customer perspection that the items should be sell able in other words customers should get a need to buy it. So you may include this as a component of a UI kit or a button kit. Congrats!

Thanks for your comments!

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