Hard rejected،Please Guide me 😔

please help me :pensive::pray:



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Hello Bro!

The link you provided is not working.
Check the link.

Sorry, but we cannot comment on a study that we cannot see. :upside_down_face:

Let’s try to help if you update the link. :innocent:


Hello bro ,I apologize
I fixed the demo link

Hello Bro!

As far as I can see.;

  • Improvements can be made in typography. (Font Type, Font size, Colors, Text spacing etc.)

  • Some icons don’t look very legible.

  • You can use a modern loader.

  • https://prnt.sc/v13m2u (The fonts for the buttons can be legible.
    Button spacing can be increased and the button enlarged.
    The shade can be dropped. All butons.)

In addition, unlike other applications, you can create a little more original work.

You have to produce different work than everyone else. envato takes this very seriously.

You can also check these topics

I recommend that you review the approved jobs.

Continue your studies patiently.

I am sure you can do new and beautiful works.

Health to your hands. :+1:

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Thank you :pray:

Hi @amirwick67 I like your design and want to buy
if you are interested then send msg [email removed by mod]


Hi Thanks my friend
Yes I am interested

I can’t understand the review team… It’s beautiful. how can they reject this template…
Really can’t understand…

Thanks :pray: