I really don't understand!

I really don’t understand!
I don’t understand how everything suddenly stopped!?
Reviewers reject our works, even though I make my works 90% with my own elements! Sales are down 70%. This is worse than the Covid Pandemic… even then there was no such drop in the market! Can anyone explain this situation. I hope this excites all authors! I also hope this is one of those Envato experiments that is temporary and will end soon! Just asking with no bad feelings towards the team!


This is being discussed here for some time Sales down 70% from 2018 to 2023 !!! Terrible status! What do you think about the future? - #169 by fuelthemes

Well Rembassio, you are not he only one that has no clue whats going on on GR.
I know your work and your one of the best flyer designers on the marketplace with great 3D rendered artworks.
My flyers are rejected rejected rejected for the last 3 years, nothing approved while in the short past i got 160-200 flyers approved under an old name and sold very good with 3D created artworks too.

But that time is gone, Envato sold their soul to the devil that called elements and they don’t give nothing about their authors anymore.

So no worries, your work is still great.

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@ flyerlicious
Thank you my friend! There are a lot of good designers here, but that’s not the point! We’ve all loved Envato all these years and now we don’t know what’s really going on! I have been loyal to the market and my flyers are only sold here! I will be sad to see this place reject us!