I paid but can't download anything

As mentioned above, I just subscribed for an unlimited account which is 29$ through Mastercard yesterday, 9-9-2017. I started downloading lots of templates and fonts after that. But today when I login, my account is an unpaid one? As I couldn’t download anything anymore… I checked my subscription and everything is fine, the only thing i don’t understand is that it said “Your subscription will automatically renew today and you will be charged”. Does anyone know what that means or ever experienced such a problem? I have just subscribed for 2 days. Thank you and i’m really looking forward to any of your answers :frowning:

Are you definitely trying to log back into envato elements https://elements.envato.com/ and not one of the general marketplaces?

I don’t really get what you mean, I haven’t visited any marketplace suggested by Envato. I only subscribed to Envato Elements. Thank you :"

You need an Envato marketplace account to use these forums, and sometimes when you head over to Elements it will try and log you in using those details. If you have a different username and password for Elements, then it might be a case of logging out and then back in using your other credentials.

If that doesn’t work, you’re probably best opening a ticket.

Envato Help & Support Center

Thank you for your help, I already submitted a ticket but there is no reply yet, i’m still waiting. There’s nothing happens to my account as i tried logging out and logging in again but still, i can’t download anything else.

Has anyone experienced such a problem? I submitted a ticket 3 days ago and there’s still no reply. if anyone know wwhy please help me. Thanks a bunch

I sent them a ticket and they are still “investigating” my account. What’s wrong with Envato Element? I paid 29$ for a monthly membership and I can only use it for 1 day!!! This is a fraud! I don’t think i will ever recommend this site for any of my colleagues!