Paid 29$ for only one day use!!!

As mentioned above, I just subscribed for an unlimited account which is 29$ through Mastercard yesterday, 9-9-2017. I started downloading lots of templates and fonts after that. But today when I login, my account is an unpaid one? As I couldn’t download anything anymore… I checked my subscription and everything is fine, the only thing i don’t understand is that it said “Your subscription will automatically renew today and you will be charged”. Does anyone know what that means or ever experienced such a problem? I have just subscribed for 2 days.

I sent them a ticket days ago and they are still “investigating” my account. What’s wrong with Envato Element? I paid 29$ for a monthly membership and I can only use it for 1 day!!! This is a fraud! I don’t think i will ever recommend this site for any of my colleagues! I only download on Envato Element, i haven’t visited any other suggested marketplaces by Envato.

What did support say? I’d be surprised if they hadn’t got back to yet… so maybe check your spam folder, see if there’s anything in there.

I checked everyday but there’s nothing. I did everything in my effort to contact them but it’s useless. I think I just lost 29$ in a day.

If you can post your ticket number here then I’m sure somebody would be able to double check whether it’s been missed, a reply has been sent, or they’re just really busy and will get back to you soon.

It’s the first I’ve heard of such an issue, so I’m sure they’ll do what they can to get you back up and running.

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It’s 907120. I’m working on a project for my university so i really to get my account back now. Thank you for replying.

I’ve reached out to a colleague to see if I can learn more. It’s Saturday in Melbourne however, so there may not be an answer until Monday.

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