Website has been down for days, can't pay for subscription

I have been unable to access Envato Elements and pay for a subscription for a few days now. There doesn’t seem to be any issues on the status page. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

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After some testing this appears to be an account issue, if I’m not logged in I can access the site with no issues.

so how do you log out? Other than using another browser, I can’t log out of envatoelements.

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I close the browser which deletes all the cookies as per my settings

oh yeah it worked, I managed to log out by deleting cookies. But yeah somehow the website “went down” again when I signed back in…


I am having the same problem. And right on the heels of being charged $377 for a year’s subscription! We’re on a deadline and NEED to access the site!


same here - just paid our annual subscription and can’t logon. Also got a major deadline and I’m panicking now

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Customer support still hasn’t gotten back to me and still has not been on the forums.


Hi all. If you haven’t already done so, please open a ticket with Envato Elements Help and Support.

@dmax10 I can see your ticket (#2790463) in the queue - I’ll ask our customer support team to follow up.

@arizonatheatrematters @michelle149 What’s the username for your Elements subscriptions? I can’t see anything listed under your forum names.

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Thank You for the assistance!