I need some Feedback

This track of mine in the following link got rejected recently.
Can you guys give me a feedback on it, what should i do on my next tracks to get in the store and for this specific track what do you think is missing or why do you think it got rejected?

Thank you for giving me feedback it means a lot.

I do not know where to start.The guitar lead is not following the scales.There are continous dissonances.There is no point to start the discussion regarding the sound.Hope that helps.
Good luck.

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Hello, Thank you for your feedback. Assuming that you are a creator in AudioJungle, can you tell me the mastering levels in audiojungle. Many tracks i listened are louder than -14 LUFS. I have seen some well saled ones with lots of peaking. I am new to audiojungle, is the mastering levels for commercials higher than other platforms?

Long term loudness is kinda relative.There are different even on streaming plaforms. Spotify, Youtube etc.Aim to a good coherent dynamic range, but do not overdo it. Greater headroom gives more dynamics, punch and clarity than a squashed, overcompressed sound. The perception of loudness can be tricked with eq and paralel compression and saturation.


Sorry to say this but the track is pretty far off. There is no bass line to speak of, no groove, the chords are simple descending triads, the guitar patch sounds off, and as mentioned is not following the chord changes. Try listening to some reference tracks and give it another go.

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