I need help me approved graphicriver.

Hello everyone … They never help me as approved in graphictiver, my designs have been rejected for many years, I would like an author to contact me, he explains very clearly but I pay money if once approved because I do not have much experience in graphicriver.

Now I can’t work on themeforest anymore because I don’t have a job for a long time, I have a job in my country. I can work part time at graphicriver

Thank you.

Maybe you should gain some experience as a Graphic designer also for GR. The requirements are quite different and getting hard everyday.

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I think that my design not more quality.

I will to read requirements,

Thank you!!!


Please give me requirements vector in graphicriver, I am making new vector thank you.

Just check the recent approved items at GR

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I already buy a logo mascot and vector for see file, groups, layers, documentation, etc… thx.

Jeri, me and @n2n44 tied many times to explain to you but unfortunately you are stuck and seams you don’t know how to adapt the marketplace requirements and quality.

Did you tried Photo Dune? My advice is to try it. Buy a camera an shoot photos. You can sell them on many platforms.

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Yes I know but but I have not read requirements and practice more for more quality, years ago my design mistakes weren’t unique and creative, now I’m much better at designing than years ago but I still need to learn more.

now graphicriver are very full designs very difficult accepted this time.

Later I will to buy a camera, for sell photodune soon…

Jerry maybe try with fonts. Not so saturated, pretty much repetitive, but you will still need nice item appearance. Google some tutorials!


good idea but fonts is not good sale :frowning:

well I am not sure that she gets in photodune is a real “way out” for Jeri, the fact of the matter is that being a photographer is a professional activity too and I do not see how she could really make there being confronted with lots of photographers trying to sell their art and stock there …

I think that what Jeri fails to understand is that no matter what is the kind of “graphic” or “artistic” work , this takes a whole lot of time to get to learn to be a good professional , it takes a lot of patience, efforts, time spent and so on, to manage to make it ultimately … as the good old saying goes , “Rome was not built with in a day”

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Yes, I forget work in graphicriver because I am not very professional, I need learn more quality 100%, I try work photodune soon, I will to learning for sell photodune.

At the moment I still can’t sell photodune because I don’t have a digital camera, I’m going to buy one soon.