Please help me eldest brother,

How to approved File on Graphicriver for design sector like logo, poster, Business card, Id card, letterhead, and social media post.
please help me Brother.

The simplest answer is that you should always submit highly professional and original items to ensure that they are accepted. Ideally you should also have at least a few years of professional design experience and extensive knowledge in the categories you are submitting to.


hi , identify where u can bring something new or different to the table, work hard, focus on quality and originality as much as u can , accept to what people have to say about your rejections are try to use it to move forward and take your game to the next level … also try to keep on learning and never give up on improving, even if , at a time u feel u can do pretty good

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If you want to get approved you need to learn the basic principles of design. (typography, hierarchy, composition, colors etc)

I saw your portfolio and unfortunately you don’t know the basic principles of design.

Without these basics you have no chance of being approved here.

You are not ready for this market.

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what u mention is normally true, but here anything can happen , in both cases …