I need feedback! My 'CV Template' has been hard rejected...

I recently uploaded my first design and unfortunately got a hard reject on the project. As a first, I really was hoping I would get some feedback in order to correct it in case anything wasn’t completely right… In regards to the design, I think it goes well with Envato’s standards and trends, but I’ll let you guys decide. The layers in the PSD are labeled and organized, and I even made a documentation PDF with a set-up guide. The logo I included is my own, the one I use in Envato, and my website (which is currently not available) does not sell anything, my idea is to redirect to my Envato articles in the future. In any case, I don’t see this as a reason for a hard reject, it could be easily removed (if this was the reason).
Feedback on the design and any other ideas are really appreciated. Thank you so much!

Your resume looks cramped (elements are too close to margins). Lack of modularity. What happens if the buyer has more info to fit in? The text line space is too small. Lack of creativity. No clear concept. What happens with the picture?

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hi, as for me, what i can see here a real try to bring originality to the table, which is nice, though this did not manage to hide the battery of problems otherwise. For me, there a combination of thing to fix, change, modify. First of all the there is a rather busy style here. I am not necessarily again this , i prefer this to minimalistic ones, personally. Though, there is also a big discrepancy between areas of th canvas, from one side to the other and the discrepancy is being emphasized by some problems of spaces differing from one side to the other. Pls keep in mind that this is a template and consequently u are expected to arrange everything as perfectly as possible and to make sure that u do , u can adapt the content inside. I am also a bit skeptical about this is about me section … for me this is not really the place of this, rather on an additional letter, especially as a big block block of text with close to no breathing inside. Besides, as we are dealing with breathings, the fact of the matter is that this is lacking in some areas and that th texts u placed too close from edges is not helping about giving some space and attention to the different elements , this is choking out of having everything a bit too concentrated and compact. i do not mean that this is necessary bad but is that functional to have an almost black and white cv having just a few bars using colors? i guess that this basically means that people will use their color cartridge to print the black , not really sure this is a really good idea. About harmony, i tend to believe that this would have been much better if u had kept the guideline of rounded rectangles , i think that what u have is a little dissonant. Otherwise, the style is not maybe a bit “outdated” in a way , do not get me wrong, i do not mean about the way it looks but rather because of the fact that u are trying to do something rather generalist rather than trying to strike a niche and i am not sure that this is the best thing that u can do nowadays, this maybe leading the item, even if it had been accepted , tone sort of buried alive in a wild range of a little bit lookalike items from an already substantial catalogue of products. I would like to note also a real problem of coherence in what u have … why having what looks like the name of a company a bit as sort of a signature of the resume? if this is meant be the current company or whatever , this is not the right place to put this information and there is no need to have any sort of logo in such an item, in any event. TO be perfectly honest with u , the typo maybe clean so to speak, but honestly this is rather pushing down the whole item in the end as this is contributing to create the feeling of a sort of lack of relief overall.

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sorry i have forgotten a little something, indeed, i tend to believe that this is not really a good idea for u to play with the mockup / preview just like what u have been doing , especially if the “game u played” ends up a bit like an execution mistake. If u ever want to introduce a shape like what u have been doing, make sure that the thing looks realistic, that the shadowing is following objects and so on …

Thank you so much for your time and constructive criticism. It is really discouraging to receive a rejection with no explanation to improve or to fit the niche in Envato, this added to not having the possibility to upload the design after it is fixed is somewhat demoralizing. So I am very thankful to read some words from someone with experience and learning about what I can do better. :blush:

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no actually u can still re-upload any item as long as u have made significant changes enough to it … i know that this is not easy to determine what is significant but this is an opened door to having any modified item resubmitted all the same :slight_smile: as for what u said as regard to rejections, well this is true that they always hurt , especially as we feel like we put all what we had in the work we were creating , but this is like this, u have to keep on focusing on what u have to do and try to do it even better the next time, not to face the same problem :slight_smile: as fro what u mentioned, i think this is nice not to necessarily get a maelstrom of critics in “a block” and to tell what is positive as well , so that people do not feel demotivated in the process , i mena when this is possible, unfortunately sometimes , this is not so easy lol :slight_smile: