I need feedback about my design flyer

And you have just designed yet another design.

With respect there is no point in providing further feedback when it is immediately disregarded.

It means that you are a quantity designer, fast, fast, fast like tons of others.
Your flyers misses quality and creativity and are made in a hurry of 20 minutes…
For years you make the same basic flyers that has really zero selling potentials.

hahahaha… I not working 20 minutes, 4 hours o 5 hours

So you are saying that you create one of these basic flyers in 4 or 5 hrs?
If so there is something really wrong with your skills.
Again you shoot in defense.
But maybe your next flyer will be a mindblowing real masterpiece and a recordbreaking selling.
We will wait for it.

If you’re spending less than 30 min to create a flyer and if you could do it in 4 hours simultaneously, so the buyers you’re targeting could do the same and they don’t want to pay for the things it could be done quick.

Your design lacks of details and has typo issues. Just search for the latest flyers ( not those who’s been uploaded 2 years ago ) and try to understand and see how it’s been executed.

Except the Halloween one, the other two has good idea but the you couldn’t manage it well.

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I understand, try working more slow my design and practice more… My issue working more fast about my flyer, I will to change other marketplace about themeforest or codecanyon, I know make code but I can make design more better and single.

Later I will to student in university as design graphic I will to learn more about flyer, maybe future I will sell in graphicriver.

TF/CC has higher standards rather than GR. It also requires proper design for the project, stand-alone coding won’t help you to get approval.

I mean, don’t get me wrong but if this is the way how you’d code as well, you’d be wasting your time.

Yes, I know but I can see inspirations other design (not copy)

Good luck

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Thank you.

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