Another Rejection of my Classy Flyers

I don’t know why envato reject my flyer all the time. I am very upset.
All-time they said, “We found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.” Not even once did they tell where the mistake lies. They never help creative designers.
If anyone read this message please help me and see my file and tell me where the problem lies.

Hi @fallingpixels

Your 2 flyers are too basic but you need learn more flyer my friend author help me better my flyer because I also flyer was too basic, author: @n2n44 I hope that @n2n44 will help you best flyer regards.

good day :slight_smile:

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hi for the first one indeed, the problem is that the general style is sort of “crammed” the canvas is very busy and the composition is not consistent enough even if u did not use so many elements all the same. For me the ballon thing is over used and looks old and i think that u should better do without it … “night out” is hard to read and despite being original is not aesthetic in my view and not imbricating with "ladies"either. U have the same small issue of contrast and readability with the date i recommend that u do not have elements crossing texts so that they are hardly seen in the end … u should also drop shadows under the model, smooth one so that the flyer is having more depth and the model pop out a bit more and the composition more convincing too

for the second one - next time pls post one by one this is easier … - i rather like it but indeed u have a bit of diverging style that fail to completely match as a whole with hearts that u look really way too much like illustrations and breaking the global harmony that u installed otherwise , in addition u strengthened this feeling with titles …
for me one of the issues is that with this one , too, u failed to imbricated composition and texts and texts and both titles together enough , yet … but this is a cool base to work with indeed, fixing a few things should enable u to repost and have the thing approved i guess , if u get the job done properly :slight_smile:

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I have a question
If we use png images in the design, then we have to put those images in a separate folder and then put them in the main file?

no buddy everything in the main file but the model that must be taken out …

if u have enough clues about what to do with your item , u can check the “solution” box :slight_smile:

You can place files as you want, the main thing is to create a convenient file structure, so as not to create unnecessary difficulties.
Naturally, your entire product should be put together in one folder.

Thank you and have a nice day!

hi no in this case he cannot organize the “thing as he wants” as it would simply not convenient for people to have some external files out of the main psd file … and our role is to try to make it easier for people to edit the item that they download