Any advice on flyer before I upload for review. Thanks in advance.

hi this is not bad in my view i rather like it indeed, though i tend to believe that it would be better if u changed the central typo and replaced it by another one, now, not sure what is supposed to be wrong anyway …

Thanks mate, I have not uploaded for review yet just thought I would get some constructive advice on the forum first. Thanks for your feedback.

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i can understand that u try to do this, though, whether u submitted or not , got rejected or not, indeed no one can make sure of anything and u may get pieces of advice that would make u have the item approved … people try to help but is this really what they do in the end … hard to know as criterias to accept or not are pretty unsure …

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I see here clear solution because I think it could be rejected (even hard)

  1. 80’s - this is what is about - make your text more 80’s - shadow and pattern is not enough this times. (check text effects on graphicriver)

  2. This “9 pm till late” in the right upper corner doesn’t look good, Destroy this with some glitch effect or something. Make it old.

  3. Make noise effect overlay - if you know what I mean, in photoshop I would add 4 -6% noise effect on all design

  4. Make colors less bright.

  5. Bonus info - do not include woman picture if you don’t have rights to the picture because if you don’t the hard rejection train is on his rails :slight_smile:

cheers ! :slight_smile:

Thanks for advice I will take a second look at it. The woman image is replaced with a blank placeholder layer on the final edit.

u are right texture effects are said to help people into liking designs, i guess because this is making the canvas look less empty and that this is bringing a bit dpeth to the table indeed

for teh color , i guess he created in rgb so maybe he should simply create in CMYK lol

Any better? I have worked a little on the style of the text.

indeed, i personally like it , i think this is cool :slight_smile:

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hard to tell , i personally do not see