I need an annual refund asap

Hi. I’ve been trying to reach the Envato support team for an urgent matter. I accidentally bought the annual subscription thinking I was going to pay this amount monthly, but they billed me the full amount twice in my credit card. Making this convertion to Reals (Brazil coin) it cost me almost two thousand reais. I need this to be fixed asap!!! Can someone help me? My ticket number is 3490475. Thank you.

As soon as support team gets to that ticket they will reply. Moderators helping here can not expedite that, unfortunately. You can learn more about refund procedure here. Once approved refund will be processed back to your payment method. Just don’t download anything meanwhile.

Ok, but in how many days they can reply me? It’s been a while already =/
If I knew their support team was so slow I wouldn’t bought anything here.

If you requested refund the way that article explained, they expedite such requests and usually it takes between 1-3 days but it depends on how many tickets they have. If refund is approved, processing depends on payment method and can go from 1-10 days which doesn’t depend on Envato. For credit card 5-10 days.

Same here, I was charged without being notified for the renewal all of a sudden, I’ve sent in a ticket since last week and no news yet

The support team will reply as soon as they get to your ticket, they will look into that, it requires the engagement of staff members who take care of refunds as well, but it is always prioritized. Once they check everything they will notify you. They don’t work over the weekend so it prolongs time a little. I understand you would like this resolved as soon as possible. They won’t leave you without response.

Thank you, I’m very glad to get a reply here, I wish the teams efficiency are on par too. Will be updating this post if I get a reply or resolve the issue.

Have received refund very smoothly and efficiently last Friday, Thank you all for assisting in this and the prompt response.