I need a fresh pair of ears to give me a honest review

I’ve spent the last months composing my first serious attempt at scoring, but mixing and mastering has been a nightmare, and it never sounds right. I’ve tweaked for months now, added things, removed others, but I’m still not sure.

I’m needing a honest opinion about it:

I’ll be forever greatful for your help and insight!

by my opinion, first of all:
first - reduce a reverb effect, not so much, but…(customers not so like a lot of reverb)
second (main advise) - you’ve made a song, but not a background theme. As a song - really i like it!! very nice and beautiful track, but for sales…don’t know it, but you have to try!! (hope i’m wrong)
Hope i helped you a little…

Thank you very much! :wink:

I like that bass at 00:30. How did you reach that effect?

I feel the bass “Tu-tu-tu” crushes the other instruments especially copper. on the master channel stait “limiter” because it is so. Bass have to clean up. Shock is not pouring into the overall sound should be an attack. We need to work with the phase and resonance. it’s in my ear.

It’s a simple synth bass, with various tweaks on the waveform type and EQ :wink:

Thank you very much! :wink: