Please, help me with feedback

I’ve got a hard reject. Normally i understand why, but not this time. Can you please say what’s wrong here? I upload it in the abstract categorie.

I think the problem was the synthesizer on the front at 0:40, 0:53, 2:00 (…)

In addition, they could say that the song has no commercial potential or is too “arty”.

As for the mix, it’s a bit too much dynamics, + just the difference in volume when it comes to the synthesizer I mentioned above.

I think that if you removed this synthesizer, the song would have a better chance of being accepted.

Good luck

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Thank you for your post! I’m in the stress situation with synths like this. I don’t want to do a typical stock sound because it doesn’t has a potential now (because of Elements), but making, or at least trying to make, something unice is challenging. I guess this synthesizer was my “art” failure :pensive:

Well, it happens sometimes… thank you again for your answer.